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Welcome to Beautiful Fetish Stories!

You've found the stories section of my blog. Enter here and look into the darkest recesses of my mind: a roller-coaster trip into domination, slavery and bondage. You'll find my work snappy and well-written, unlike a lot of the 'writers' you'll see on the web. Join me in exploring the thoughts and sensations of my characters as I fascinate, amuse, tease and torture them.

It's probably obvious, but this blog contains adult themes and is *Not Safe For Work*. All you see on this blog is (c) copyright Beautiful Fetish.Watch this space for more!.

New installment added December 2012:

Clancy & Allaouite - Slavery and Escape

Part 1

The beginning of a full-length erotic novel. 

Ashley is on the run, but she has seriously underestimated her captors, and she quickly lives to regret choosing the first house she comes to for help.

Chris really hates her job, but the alternative she is handed on a plate may be too good to be true.

Matt thinks he has only a day to wait before he sees Su again, but those twenty-four hours are about to take a shocking twist, one that might end in his own death and his lovely girlfriend’s enslavement.

Part 2

Introducing the high-chair.

Matt meets Ashley for the first time.  He’s really going to regret deciding to rescue her.

Chris can’t believe her luck.  A private helicopter, a state-room in a beautiful stately home.  It couldn’t get better, but why does she get the feeling she’s the butt of a private joke?

Part 3

Matt discovers that rescuing the damsel-in-distress is much more complicated than he expected.

Part 4

Ashley makes her escape, Matt chained to the passenger seat beside her.

Simean and Mira indulge in a little breakfast bondage.

Part 5

Karen has screwed up.  Letting a slave escape could well get her killed - or filling the vacancy.

Matt wakes up bound spread-eagle to the bed, with the beautiful slave he rescued now turned captor, and snuggled up next to him.

Mira is tied up too, seething with fury as the vibrator slowly arouses her.

Part 6

Ashley has been conditioned as a sex slave, and is addicted to kinky sex.  What will she do with the man tied to her bed?

Chris wakes in one of the sumtuous guest-rooms of Clancy Hall.  A suite bigger than her rented flat.  Could things get any better?  Are they about to take a serious turn for the worse?

Part 7

Chris is nothing more than a helpless plaything, a toy.  A pawn to be traded in the power plays of her captors.

Matt’s Girlfriend is rushing to his arms, or so she thinks, and a new piece enters the game.

Part 8

Su is introduced to the high chair, and her slave training begins.

Mira leads us on a tour of the deepest secrets of Clancy Hall

Part 9

A major update.

Su and the High-chair continue their introduction.  The machine explores her every response to stimulation.  Thoroughly.

Mira is in a playful mood, and the slave Jade is going to suffer.

Matt and Ash are getting on famously.  He’s tied to a bed, and she’s a nymphomaniac



Tina’s Obsession

Part 1

Part 2

Tina leads a double life.  By day she’s just another office girl, but alone in her flat, she likes to play a secret and dangerous game.  Tonight she needs a new toy to add to her collection.  She might not be the only collector out there.



Just a photo and some text. 


Clancy & Allaouite - Sarah’s Procurement - Sarah as Extreme Ponygirl

Part 1

This is an exerpt from another developing story.  Meet Sarah Harding, Detective Inspector on her first undercover assigment, and join her as she believes she has made her first real break.  Or is it Sarah who is about to be broken?

Part 2

Sarah is introduced to the Training Mill, an infernal machine that doesn’t care if she tires or stumbles, and will lift her off her feet by her nipple rings - or strangle her - if she resists.

Then she discovers the purpose of her costume.  She is to take part in a race - and she really does not want to lose!

Part 3

The Race!  Sarah is outmatched from the first step, and her opponent’s mistress has a real mean streak.

The punishment for being the loser is pure sadistic hell.  The prize for the winner?  Not being the loser.


Honey Trap

A bonus short-short.  No erotica or fetish here, just a cautionary tale.


Singles Bar

Part 1: Lori has to have him tonight, but his terms are that she is in shackles, and the threesome with Anna doesn’t turn out as she expected.  (This one’s a slow builder, so give it time.)

Part 2: Lori finally gets the attention she craves - both from Simean and from Anna.


Field test

Part 1: Just what is in the water that Carol is being force-fed?

Part 2: Simean teaches Carol the full horror of her new status - and a few of the rewards.

Part 3: Carol finally sees her chance to escape, and discovers the terrible consequences.


RV - Part 1

Ju really needed to get to Northampton, but did nobody tell her never to accept riders from strangers?